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Stainless Pipe Clamps




Stock Code Diameter
SSSLCL38X125 38 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL45X125 45 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL50X125 50 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL54X125 54 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL57X125 57 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL63X125 63 mm 125 mm
SSSLCL76X125 76 mm 125 mm



Stock Code Diameter
SSSTCL63-70 63-70mm 75mm
SSSTCL57-63 57-63mm 75mm
SSSTCL45-50 45-50mm 75mm
SSSTCL38-43 38-43mm 75mm
Note: To get better fit remove centre space bar
Ensure pipes butt inside to prevent leaks



Stock Code Diameter
SSBC38 38mm
SSBC45 45mm
SSBC50 50mm
SSBC57 57mm
SSBC63 63mm
SSBC76 76mm


Stock Code Diameter mm Diameter inches
SSVBAND-50 50mm 2"
SSVBAND-57 57mm 2.25"
SSVBAND-63 63mm 2.5"
SSVBAND-70 70mm 2.75"
SSVBAND-76 76mm 3.0"
SSVBAND-89 89mm 3.5"
SSVBAND-101 101mm 4.0"


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