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We have a range of Stainless Steel Mandrel Bends to complete your stainless

steel exhaust system shown in the two tables below, the first table has

90 degree bends with a small extension and the second list is without

bend extension.

Our business is aimed at automotive traders looking for a reliable source

of stainless steel exhaust components.

We encourage traders to open an account to reveal our full price list.



1" Diameter 1D Short Bend
1.5"SS1D90SHORT 1.5" Diameter 1D Short Bend
1.75"SS1D90SHORT 1.75" Diameter 1D Short Bend
2"SS1D90SHORT 2" Diameter 1D Short Bend
2.25"SS1D90SHORT 2.25" Diameter 1D Short Bend
3"SS1D90SHORT 3" Diameter 1D Short Bend




Part Number Entry Dia Exit Dia
SSYP57-50 57mm 50mm
SSYP57-57 57mm 57mm
SSYP63-50 63mm 50mm
SSYP63-57 63mm 57mm



Part Number Entry Dia Exit DIa
SSTYP57-50 57mm 50mm
SSTYP57-57 57mm 57mm
SSTYP63-50 63mm 50mm
SSTYP63-57 63mm 57mm

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